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Handmade Jewelry for you and your pet.

Rhinestone Collars/Bone Collars

Full Rhinestone Collar

Cobalt Design Rhinestone Collars are handmade by myself and are guaranteed.  I use Coastal Collars as my base and sew all along the outside of  Swarovski Crystals in a mesh with paddle prongs. What does this mean?  Your collar will not snag hair and will not fall apart.


3-Row Crystals: 12" to 16" $30 - $40

4-Row Crystals: 16" to 20" $45 - $65

5-Row Crystals: 20" to 28" $70 - $125

Aurora Borealis (AB) and clear stones available.  Right now Clear maybe special order and delay shipping up to 4- 6 weeks.

Please email Cobalt Design about available sizes and colors if you need rush shipment as some sizes will need to be create.

We have a limited number of checkerboard color collars in 12"to 18" 3-Row, Colors include: Pink/Clear, Blue/Clear, Emerald/Clear and Amethyst/clear.

Rhinestone Button Collars: 

Coastal Collar with clear Swarovski setting with colorful center Swarovski Rivoli.  They are attached with a brad through the back into the clear setting and cement is put under and in that same setting.  These are very hard to get off and will last through many daily activities.

Collar Colors: Black (standard), Pink, Purple and Orchid.  Crystal Colors: See Chart Below.


12", 1/2" width - $25.00 -

Colors: Clear on Black

Colors: Rose on Pink

14", 1/2" width - $30.00

16", 1/2" width - $35.00

18", 1/2" width - $40.00

 20" 3/4 wide - $50.00

Additional colors are Lavender, Light Siam, Rose, Sunflower.


Pet Collars in Metallic Leather - Buy at the Shows for a Discount!!!

Rhinestone Bone collars are American-made real leather with a metallic foil finish (all colors shown on left) and embossed croc (Red and Black only.)  Comes in sizes -XS to L.  Matching leads available, 1/2" for $20 and 3/4" for $25.  Inquire about what sizes and colors I have in stock.  If I don't have what your looking for I can order it but it can take 2 weeks for me to receive the collars.  Shipping is $5.00 priority each, additional items add $1.00.  

Size XSmall is 1/2" wide and fits neck sizes from 8-11".
Size Small is 1/2" wide and fits neck sizes from 10-13".
Size Medium is 3/4" wide and fits neck sizes from 13-17".
Size Large is 3/4" wide and fits neck sizes from 17-21" 

XS $18.00

S $22.00

M $25.00

L $28.00

Buy and pay at a show and receive discounted shipping.